Wire Shelf Carts
Wire shelf carts allow storage and transport of all types of items without the accumulation of dirt and dust.
 Wire carts provide multi-purpose storage for a variety of applications.


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 Carts for every application - Office and Industrial
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  Nexel Wire Carts
Nexel wire carts provide maximum storage for a variety of applications with the flexibility of having 
multi-purpose storage and handling with mobile storage. No more accumulation of dust and dirt on shelves, 
with wire shelves product remains neatly stored.

Increase your storage area with mobile carts that store and 
transport easily, conveniently!

Type of Cart  
Wire Shelf Carts wire-shelf-cart.jpg (40573 bytes) Inventory items, components, supplies, linens and food items
Solid Shelf Cart solid-shelf-cart.jpg (39062 bytes) All types of items requiring a solid shelf, supplies, containers, inventory
Utility Carts two-shelf-cart.jpg (24936 bytes) Multi-purpose cart for storage, and transporting of items
Bulk Shelf Carts bulk-shelf-cart-three-shelf.jpg (16764 bytes) Heavy duty bulk carts for storage and transporting of  boxes, linens, and inventory of all types.
Security Carts security-foldup.jpg (32823 bytes) Store Items needing additional security, safely and securely

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