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Mobile solid shelf storage for storage and transport of all types of uses, ideal multi-purpose storage unit


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Solid Shelf Storage Carts 
Shelves are solid shelf for placement of all types of items. Finished in attractive 
temperature, and moisture resistant Poly-Z-Brite.  Shelves are 18 ga steel for heavy capacity.

Nexel Industries - Solid Shelf Carts
Provides high visibility and easy 4-way access. Ensures quick and efficient inventory control. Ideal for mobile storage requirements.  Allows you to keep linens, food items stocked products and other regularly used items on hand, throughout the workplace. Ensures quick and easy inventory control

consists of the following: 
4 posts, 4 solid shelves, plastic shelf clips, donut bumpers and 5" swivel casters.

- Height:   Posts are 63" high.        
- Overall cart height is 69".             
- Capacity: 1,200# per cart.           
- Casters: Polyurethane, all swivel

Poly-Z-Bright - features a true powder epoxy over zinc-chromate electro-plating that ensures a strong durable finish that resembles chrome, but handles moisture and temperature extremes better.
Size Wt ea     Model No. Price ea
18" x 36" 88.0     C1836PZ4 30506
18" x 48" 104.0     C1848PZ4 330.66
18" x 60" 120.0     C1860PZ4 373.33
18" x 72" 136.0     C1872PZ4 405.33
24" x 36" 100.0     C2436PZ4 343.46
24" x 48" 120.0     C2448PZ4 379.73
24" x 60" 148.0     C2460PZ4 416.00
24" x 72" 176.0     C2472PZ4 450.13

Notes:   To add options - specify!
  Each unit comes with set of 4 polyurethane swivel casters.

Locks on Swivel Casters 
(2 w/locks).......add......$ 7.80
     (4 w/locks).....add.......$ 14.95

Rigid casters: 
For rigid casters on one end of cart, please specify 
by adding the following: 
     * Specify: rigid casters on one end and add......$ 34.30
        (this will include the tie bar, 2 swivels w/locks and 2 rigid)


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