Industrial Stock Carts - 2 Sided Closed
Stock carts used in stocking and picking applications where the need for carrying a large quantity of inventory for put away or moving and intermediate handling.  2 sided carts offer the ability to protect inventory items from falling off the cart on two sides. These carts are ideal for a variety of moving and handling tasks.  Move or transport packages and boxes easily with heavy duty all welded 12 ga. steel stock carts.  Constructed for long life and durability. your source for carts


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              Stock Carts - Our most popular stock carts made
Two sides of each cart accessible for stocking. These extra durable carts made from 12 ga. steel make these the most reliable carts made for handling
just about any product for a variety of applications.     Mesh, slats and solid sides available.

These carts are used in the following applications:
                      General use carts
                      Inventory stocking - parts, boxes
                      Moving and transporting
                      Ergonomic design available

Color code your carts
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   Color Options

Standard Color:  Gray
Optional Colors:  Beige, Red, Yellow, Blue
Lead Time: 7 - 10 days
Fob:  Illinois
* Numerous options available for each cart. See listings for each cart.

Standard Stock Carts

Mesh Sided Models    

Model EB

Capacity - 2,000 lb

Model EC

Capacity - 2,000 lb

Model ED

Capacity - 2,000 lb

Model EE

Capacity - 2,000 lb
Slat Sided Models    

Model KB

Capacity - 2,000 lb

Model KC

Capacity - 2,000 lb

Model KD

Capacity -
2,000 lb

Model KE

Capacity - 2,000 lb
Solid Sided Models    

Model DB

Capacity - 2,000 lb

Model DC

Capacity - 2,000 lb

Model DD

Capacity - 2,000 lb
Model DE

Capacity - 2,000 lb
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